Walkey medical centre website design.

Website Design Review for Top Healthcare Clinics in Ottawa | Walkley Medical Centre

Walkey medical centre website design.

Studies show that 83% of users check a clinic’s website before scheduling an appointment. Based on this statistic, it should come as no surprise that if a healthcare business neglects its online presence, it is likely to miss out on many opportunities. Today, when people are increasingly choosing a clinic based on online information, a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website strengthens the desire for potential patients to visit a clinic. So, in a competitive market like that of Ottawa, clinics should consider investing in website design to reach maximum users and display their full potential.

Web Design Factors

Whether a clinic wishes to acquire new clients or strengthen its brand image, a website plays an important role in growing its market presence. The web design factors we will analyze and evaluate throughout this blog are the following:

Website Written Content

Content is an important aspect of any website. It delivers the message you want to convey to your audience and presents the benefits or offers that are of importance to them. Effective written content will allow you to attract and convert prospects as well as retain current customers.

Website User Experience

User experience is referred to the attitude or emotion a user experiences when visiting a website. User experience comes from a combination of website factors such as structure, responsiveness, navigation and speed. Missing one or more of these components decreases the chances of attracting and captivating your website’s audience.

Website User Interface

The user interface is how a website interacts with its visitors. It refers to the visual aesthetics and flow of a website. User interface and experience complement each other and play a great role in attracting and engaging the audience for a longer span of time.

Website Design Review for Walkley Medical Centre

Walkley Medical Centre is a walk-in clinic in Ottawa. Below we will analyze how they have designed their website.

Above is a screenshot of Walkley Medical Center’s home page. Click the following link to browse the other pages of this website, which were also considered in the review.

Content: 6/10

When it comes to website content, Walkley Medical Centre has very little content on its home page. However, they are very clear about the services they provide to their patients and have mentioned their schedule for visits. The website also features its contact details on its homepage to make it easy for patients to reach out to them.

User Experience: 4/10

The above home page does not have an attractive layout to engage and retain visitors. They have not used enough internal links and calls-to-action to direct visitors to their services and other web pages. The information available on the web page is not presented well and looks cluttered. Making a website look pleasing is important as it not only attracts visitors but also helps them navigate the website easily. Even the loading speed of this page is average, which might be another reason for losing potential leads. Another very important factor that this website should focus on is its mobile-responsiveness. Today, when most of the users use mobile devices to surf the net, Walkley Medical Centre does not have a perfectly responsive website.

User Interface: 3/10

The interface of this website is relatively short and doesn’t have much space to feature content and images of the clinic. On its home page, it only has one image of the clinic which does not do a great job of properly representing the clinic. The layout and the font used in this website can be considered dull and thus, to enjoy maximum online conversion the clinic must invest in a good website design.

Overall: 4/10

Overall, the website lacks information and design elements to be ranked highly by our team. Some key elements that are the cause of this low score are:

  • Walkley Medical Centre must focus on adding relevant calls-to-action and links on its website to make it easy for visitors to navigate through its website.
  • They have a short interface and very few images to make it look interesting.
  • The website must also work on its loading speed and responsiveness to retain potential leads.

Improving Walkley Medical Centres Website Design

It is critical for a healthcare business to have a website that educates and provides a pleasant experience to each of its visitors. Though in some cases the service of a clinic or healthcare provider only can be assessed in person, it is a website that triggers the trust in patients to make an appointment and visit the clinic. Thus, if a healthcare business wants to thrive in the market, investing in strong website design is a must.

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