Digital Marketing in the Real Estate Industry

Digital Marketing Services Tailored for Real Estate Businesses

The Importance of Digital Marketing Services in the Real Estate Industry

Digital marketing has significantly revolutionized the real estate industry. Gone are the days when real estate agents and businesses had to rely on street signs and in-person networking to acquire clients. With the evolution of the digital world, trends have changed drastically. Today, many real estate agents and businesses use a variety of digital marketing mediums to reach out to their target audience and grow their businesses.


62% of real estate agents spend at least one hour a day on marketing


99% of millennials begin their home search online


67% of real estate agents use email to send their marketing content at least once a month

Most Common Real Estate Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps you reach your potential buyers and sellers by improving your website’s ranking in search engines. As organic searches equate to 95% of all web traffic, real estate businesses are embracing search engine optimization to find and attract prospects. Apart from providing exposure to more of your target audience, SEO helps your business gain credibility and achieve its long-term real estate sales goals.

Top Benefits of SEO in the Real Estate Industry

  • Increased traffic and higher conversion rate
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Build authority in your market

Website Design

Searching for homes online has become a standard practice for people looking to buy real estate. It has therefore never been more important for your real estate business to have a strong digital presence, complete with an attractive and functional website. A visually pleasing website serves as an online medium to display offerings and educate potential customers. Featuring your business’ history and company values on your own website can also help strengthen customer trust in your brand and foster long-term loyalty.

Top Benefits of Website Design in the Real Estate Industry

  • Makes your business accessible to your potential buyers and sellers 24/7
  • Builds trust with visually impressive design and user-friendly functionalities
  • Serves as an online medium to promote your business

Email Marketing

Around 75% of real estate customers prefer email as a mode of commercial communication. Thus, when it comes to connecting with prospective and existing customers, email marketing proves to be one of the most effective methods of marketing. In fact, around 63% of email marketing campaigns in the real estate industry receive positive engagement.

Top Benefits of Email Marketing in the Real Estate Industry

  • Allows customer segmentation and promotion of personalized content
  • Helps develop brand identity
  • Provide data insights to optimize performance

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click or PPC Advertising allows you to publish targeted ads to your customers based on their online behaviour. Known for being able to drive up to 50% more traffic to your site, this digital marketing technique helps you appear at the top of search engine result pages and display content on websites that your audience uses. For this reason, PPC ads are an effective way to increase the chances of reaching, attracting, and converting your target audience.

Top Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising in the Real Estate Industry

  • Helps your website attract traffic and generate leads
  • Allows you to accurately target users with specific value propositions
  • Boosts brand visibility

Social Media Marketing

Around 85% of real estate agents use Facebook for their social media marketing efforts. In today’s market, it has become important for realtors to use social media marketing to stay ahead of their competition and connect with potential buyers and sellers. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram allow businesses to publish important content and create a strong relationship with their audience.

Top Benefits of Social Media Marketing in the Real Estate Industry

  • Creates a strong network of customers and prospects
  • Generates leads
  • Develops a strong business presence and reputation

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency

Here are some of the major benefits you can enjoy by embracing the above-mentioned strategies:

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Boosted Brand Exposure

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Reduced Marketing Costs

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Effectively Acquire New Leads

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Generates a Higher Return on Investment

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